Why Range Rover Rarely Shows Concept Car?

Who forgot Landwind Motors, a China-based automaker, became a celebrity in the world automotive media after demonstrating an SUV named Landwind X7. How not, the car is blatantly cloned completely macho characters and the overall physical design of the Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover has actually taken decisive action against violations by Landwind to protect their copyrights but unfortunately failed. Learning from the mistakes, the Land Rover has now learned how Landwind X7 clones can slide shortly after the Range Rover Evoque paved. SUV specialists from England are now aware that the Landwind has learned the concept of LRX on display first, and make the car from the concept. Overcoming this, Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern said there is only 1 solution to make future products not cloned again, which is no longer show the concept car to the public. Range Rover to this day is still a favorite vehicle for lovers of extreme sports offroad, proven range rover hire still loyal to make Range Rover as your loyal friend in spending time with this extreme sport.

“We are nervous about showing the concept model for the past few years because that seems to be enough to copy,” Gerry McGovern said. The same reason is what makes Land Rover reluctant to display the concept of Defender appearance. In the past few years, the only concept on display is Discovery Vision in 2014. DC100 in 2011 ago. In fact, Land Rover did not give a preview or concept for the new family Range Rover Velar for fear cloned again. The luxurious yet masculine-looking features are the best choice for the Range Rover because this side cannot be reached anywhere including for the Mercedes class, as the Range Rover has its own flagship feature, especially to deal with a traveling field that requires a large energy-depleting car.

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