This Is The World Of Contemporary Art

The world of contemporary art is a colorful world. Sometimes it is seen as an ideological battlefield, sometimes it is seen as a garden of Eden that makes every human being comfortable. Whatever kind of perception about art past and present, continue like that. Impressed unchanged or road in place. But try to change our paradigm a little about something more than that, more than just problems, and more than conflict. Fine art is not an object of problems. It is something organic, living and breathing. He has been united in humans, in the deepest corners of the soul. It can be said that all people love art, from just beautiful art to sophisticated art. So we can say that artists who love present themes are contemporary artists.

Let’s look at art and its values as a life. He can be brought into the realm of any science both philosophical and social. The point is about the souls of each person who asks for recognition. He asked to be accepted, supported, and invited to move on with life. It is not adorned, killed, and destroyed for the sake of one single view or understanding of a certain idealism about art. We must understand the universal nature of art that lives in each artist according to his capacity or portion. If someone is more possessed by mooi-indie paintings than Masriadi paintings, it cannot be directed to like the works of Tisna Sanjaya. If someone likes Michelangelo’s sculpture, don’t be forced to understand Duschamp’s artwork. After all, if they wholeheartedly love art because of the nobility of its sacred value, any art form would be appreciated as a sublime masterpiece that is the result of human intellect.

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