Proper Maintenance For Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The most important thing in heavy-duty vehicles is proper maintenance. With john deere technical manuals pdf you will understand how to care for your vehicles to take care of it properly. Maintenance of air filters is very important. Always check the seals on the air filter tube joints. If nuts, clamps, etc. are loose, tighten them in time. If any part is broken, repair, or replace it promptly. It is usually necessary to maintain an air filter every 100 hours of operation. When cleaning the dry filter paper filter, use a soft brush to clean it.

First dry rain filter screen, spray a little oil and then gather, the oil storage tray should be replaced with filtered When adding oil to engine oil, must be filled according to the oil mark. The oil level shouldn’t be too high or too low. Sealing rubber rings must be properly sealed during installation. After the tractor has been running for 800 hours, check valve clearance and remove carbon deposits. Check safety valves and seals after 1200 hours of operation. If necessary, grind or replace a new part. Generally, the fuel injection pressure and the fuel injection quality of the injectors should be checked after 800 hours of operation.

Lubricating oil must be added on time. Before the diesel engine starts working continuously for more than 10 hours, the oil pan level should be checked. Clean the oil filter regularly and replace the filter element. Regularly replace the lubricating oil sump, in combination with the actual situation and oil quality, right up front, or delay. The oil circuit must be cleaned and the diesel engine must be cleaned for 500 hours. Lubricating oil line pressure adjustment. When a diesel engine is running, if the lubricating oil pressure is found to be lower than normal pressure, the cause must be ascertained. If the pressure regulating spring is soft when used, the eccentric or damaged pressure will reduce the oil pressure and adjust the spring preload or replace the spring. To restore normal stress.

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