Know The Important Functions Of Androgen Hormones In Men

Androgen hormones are commonly referred to as “male hormones”. Because, in general, this hormone regulates everything related to the reproductive organs or male sexual organs. Androgens are actually a collection of hormones. The most active and dominant androgen is testosterone. Then there are other androgen hormones that support the function of testosterone. It’s just that the amount is far less than testosterone. You can use muscle nation to increase your testosterone levels.

Men who have entered puberty will experience physical changes. For example, growing a mustache and beard, upper chest hair, legs and thighs, and pubic. All of this is thanks to androgens. Androgen hormones also regulate male reproductive organs. This hormone makes men become attracted to partners, are interested in sexual behavior, and their reproductive organs produce sperm.

When a boy enters adolescence, androgens also play a role in his vocal cords. The vocal cords will become longer and thicker, so the sound becomes heavier. Not only that, but androgens also play a role in bone growth, the development of muscle thickness and organ development, the formation of pigments in the skin, the work of the oil glands, to the regeneration of red blood cells.

The function of the testes is controlled by the brain, which is in the pituitary gland (pituitary) and hypothalamus. When there are problems in both parts, maybe the body has an androgen deficiency, especially testosterone. Men may experience androgen deficiency, but this condition generally occurs gradually and not suddenly. In contrast to menopause in women, where hormone deficiencies occur suddenly.

When androgen deficiency, especially testosterone, men can experience erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, so it is difficult to concentrate and depression. The condition when men are deficient in androgens is called hypogonadism. This condition can be overcome if the cause is clearly known.

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