An Extremely Cold Weather Can Affect Your Blood Vessels Greatly

In cold weather, especially in extremely cold conditions, blood vessels will bud or narrow (vasoconstriction). This is done so that the blood flow is being prioritized for the chest and head only, so that body parts will have a warmer temperature. Unfortunately, this causes blood flow to other parts of the body such as the tips of the fingers to decrease. That is why in cold weather the hands, especially the fingers, feel cooler and freeze. That’s why if you don’t want to suffer from such a condition in your own house during the winter season, we recommend you to install a gas furnace, and you may check out furnace buzz to learn more about it.

In smokers who have inflamed blood vessels, the tips of the fingers will be more difficult to get blood flow. This condition causes smokers’ fingers to turn black like rot, a sign that there are dead cells.

While this can also occur in people with certain diseases, such as in patients with autoimmune diseases. Their fingertips tend to turn blue quickly when they are cold because they don’t get enough blood.

In the relatively rare condition of “Raynaud’s disease”, cold weather can cause an excessive reaction in the form of a narrowing of the arteries on the fingertips suddenly for several minutes to several hours.

The condition also makes blood pressure rise, so the body naturally tries to reduce the pressure by reducing blood volume through urine. That is the reason why you will feel like always urinating when it’s cold.

The film “Arctic” really well illustrates the difficulties of people stranded on the Antarctic continent, specifically describing the effects on the body when faced with extremely cold weather.

If you are traveling in a country with extremely cold weather, you should do some of these tips to keep your body warm.

Wear layered, loose and dry clothing to keep warm air around the body.

Using scarves and hats to protect from the wind that can carry our body heat.

Sufficient activity to warm the body may just remember not to sweat excessively because it will further reduce our body temperature, especially if our clothes get wet.

Remember always drinking, dehydration or lack of body fluids can occur in cold weather and are as dangerous as hot weather.

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