Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs themselves are very important moving aids especially for people with disabilities or patients who have a disability so they are unable to walk. There are several materials used in wheelchairs and one of them is gel cushion for wheelchair. Today, we have seen that there are many electric wheelchairs for sale and many people also prefer this type. Before you buy the same type, you better know the advantages and disadvantages of an electric wheelchair first.

The electric wheelchair is a type of wheelchair that is able to move due to an electric motor, which is used by people with disabilities such as physical disabilities, patients who have certain conditions so that they cannot walk, or people who are elderly.

Increase independence
The use of electric wheelchairs increases independence, why is that? Because by using this type of wheelchair users do not need the help of encouragement from others. Then it’s very useful for wheelchair users who are old with a physically weak.

Can move more freely
Users using this type of wheelchair can move freely because of the easy use and do not need encouragement from others.

Easier to use
The use of this electric wheelchair can be operated easily without the need to turn the wheels yourself. Users only need to move the lever to go forward, backward, or turn, making it easier to use.

The price is more expensive
The electric type of wheelchair is quite expensive because it uses engine power without having to use human impulse. The use of these machines makes this type of wheelchair more expensive. The price of electric wheelchairs in Indonesia can reach millions to tens of millions depending on quality.

Treatment is more difficult
Maintenance of an electric type of wheelchair is certainly more difficult because it consists of several components that must be maintained properly, the engine parts also should not be exposed to water to stay durable.

Relatively heavier
Another type of electric wheelchair lacks more weight because it is installed with engine components that allow the chair to move without being pushed. So the tips are choosing an electric wheelchair with a lightweight frame so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

Requires charging the battery
Using a battery in an electric wheelchair will certainly require charging or charging when the battery is used up if you want to continue to be used automatically.

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